SANDIPANI... The Rishi
The school takes its name after Sandipani. Lord Krishna’s preceptor who had his gurukul in Ujjain where the ‘Blue Boy of Brindavan’ mastered not only the formal shastras and art but became proficient in archery, warfare and developed other aspects of his personality to become one of the loftiest figures of Indian culture.

Read N Grow
Inter school reading contest :
Believing in the quote “The destiny of a nation is shaped in its classroom”, the Read ‘N’ Grow contest started. In 2001-2002, it was an intra school activity. In 2002-2003 it was made an inter school activity to develop the habit of reading and make books our best friends.  It is a sincere and noble effort, being inculcated by our school.  The contest generates a lot of interest and excitement among not only our children but also in those who hear about it. As Sandipani is “committed to increase rich an defective learning”, a unique competitions Read ‘N’ Grow is held on on 10 th January every year. It started with 1200 students from 27 schools but till date the figure has reached to about 6000 students from 80 schools .

It is a sincere and noble effort , being inculcated  by Sandipani  which   generates a lot of interest and excitement among not only the students but also in those who hear about it.

Goal and objectives:
“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.” Harbouring these views, Sândipani has a system which integrates reading and activity, with the emphasis on lively books especially developed to encourage reading.  Keeping in mind the future of children, we have put into practice a novel idea the Read & Grow contest.

•         To cover a wide range of children in and around Nagpur.
•        Developing the quality and habit of reading Getting children away from the idiot box to make them more           imaginative and innovative and give them the knowledge of our rich culture and heritage.
Sandipani Green
Sândipani has started A Nature Club to promote environmental awareness in 1999.
We are proud to mention that in these couple of years our club has touched the lives of many children and has helped them wonder, understand and unravel the unending mysteries of nature taking them on a journey,  which  has ended in an unquenched passion

Various nature activities associated are:
•         Bird watching
•         Bird racing
•         Study of  flora and fauna
•         Slide shows
•         Quiz
•         Cycle rally
•          Tree plantation
•          Talks by environmentalist
•         Competitions like face painting , wall painting
•         Celebration like wild life week
•         Short tour / Long tour

The club is associated with an Environmentally active government & non government organization.
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